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What's your favorite thing to celebrate with fondue?

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  • #DidYouKnow? May is Celiac Awareness Month

  • Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that damages the intestine when gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye or barley, is consumed, affects 1 in 133 Americans and 1 in 250 people worldwide. Increased awareness around gluten-free living has led to more restaurants than ever before offering gluten-free menu items. As a gluten-free friendly restaurant, The […]

  • Summertime and the Dipping’s Easy

  • Summer is the time of year when the highway becomes an adventure rather than a headache. Did you know 83% of adults plan to take a summer road trip vacation this year?  Everyone has a favorite summer destination. As we unveil The Melting Pot’s new Dip Into Summer menu, we hope you’ll make one of the 130+ […]

  • Making Memorable Mother’s Day Memories

  • The month of May brings plenty of reasons for everyday celebrations. Not only is summer in sight but think of all the holidays there are to celebrate! Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, American Craft Beer Week, National Teacher’s Day and Armed Forces Day are great examples. However, there is one holiday on your calendar you should […]

  • We’re Celebrating the Cheesiest Day in America!

  • Have you heard? The cheesiest day in America, National Cheese Fondue Day, is coming April 11! In honor of this deliciously cheesy food holiday, The Melting Pot will celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day with a free cheese fondue offer for Club Fondue members valid April 6 – 9, 2015. To sign up for Club Fondue, […]

  • February Is Fantastic for Fondue Fanatics

  • It is probably no coincidence National Fondue Month takes place during one of the notoriously coldest months of the year. Fondue is the perfect winter comfort food! A simmering pot of fondue can create a warm and cozy atmosphere while keeping everyone warm, satiated and satisfied. Whether you prefer to dip scrumptious bread, delicious fruits […]